Have you ever heard someone say that they're an extroverted introvert? Yaasss, that's me. I will go to the party for FOMO and then need two days to recover. Did I mention I'm a taurus?
That's why wedding and elopement photography fire me up. I thrive on intimate experiences with passionate people and absolutely LOVE getting to hide out in my editing cave reliving it all, and making it beautiful.

And I'm a taurus, if you were curious.

you can call me Jamie

Most days you can find me redecorating a room in our house, dancing to music that's way too lame to dance to, or glued to my computer screen editing pretty weddings and elopements. I’m a photographer, storyteller, wife, homemaker, & dreamer.
I like to call myself a hopeless romantic... I'm always finding ways to romanticize even the mundane parts of life. There is nothing more important to me than building a simple life I love with my husband, Roman.
At our house, music is always playing, candles are always lit, and the laundry is rarely folded. 
I’m obsessed with interior design, pretty coffee mugs, and indie music that makes you feel like you're in a Twilight movie. I’d rather be in the mountains with no service in a snowstorm than on a sunny beach in June. My best friends would tell you I’m creative, quirky, giggly, and passionate (when I asked them, that's what they said). When I don’t have a camera in my hand, I typically am holding a turkey baster. Why? Because it's a great microphone, that's why. I also love to cook, so... two birds one stone?

a perfect evening: a clean house, pasta, the office, and puppy snuggles.

Meet my family

Head photographer, educator, and wife to that guy >
Lover of music, boho aesthetic, interior design, and of course, carbs. Always down for a coffee shop hang or wine night!

My husband & second shooter, Roman! If you've booked me for a wedding, you've likely met this guy. He is goofy, loves to talk, and is always helping people. He just started a mobile welding business, Eppig Welds!

Stella girl is our perfect snuggly little angel! She loves walks, car rides, and anything that requires mom and dad's full undivided attention. Loves to intimidate the neighbors with her scary bark but really she runs from cats.

Our chonky low-maintenence boy Chester! Chester is 3 years old and loves to come in and out and in and out and in...... and out...... and back in. Or sleep all day long. It really depends on his mood.





We also have some backyard chickens who we adore, but they're a little camera shy!

Renovate an old van

Shoot elopement in Shenandoah

Swim under a waterfall

Visit Big Sur

bucket list

open to travel

open to travel

arizona- engagement

open to travel


open to travel

open to travel






washington - wedding

oregon - couples

utah - wedding

obx, nc - wedding


open to travel

open to travel








travel schedule

When I first started shooting weddings, I did what I thought was right. You know, properly punctuated emails with minimal exclamation points, awkward handshakes, stiff "classic" poses, bright, airy, and plain edits. But that's not who I am. 

I'm passionate about photography because I get to know your story so well that I can tell it right back to you through the images. Working with me should feel like a luxury experience with a close friend, and afterward I'm not going to disappear on you. I've got your back from the moment you send that inquiry, and long after your wedding day is over. 
In the wise words of Michael Scott, “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.”

If you were hoping to hire someone who feels like a friend, here i am sis

I'm not your typical vendor.