Adventure Elopement in Asheville, NC

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From the very beginning of this process, Lew and Andy have been an absolute dream to work with. Lew started following me on Instagram about two years ago, and reached out to me about their elopement before she was even engaged. I was super flattered because we had never met, and in fact, even lived in completely different states. I was so excited to get their process going, but we had to wait for Andy to pop the question, so we continued to follow each other in the meantime!

In that time period we realized we had a lot more in common than we originally thought. It was almost creepy. But not really.

L & A

The first thing I noticed we had in common was chickens. Roman and I built our own coop in April of 2020 and officially became chicken parents- well around that same time, I notice Lew posting about her baby chicks. Turns out, she’s a crazy chicken lady, just like me! Well, then, I decided on a whim one day to pick up embroidery as a hobby. Guess what Lew is AMAZING at? As in she even sells some items on Etsy?! You guessed it. Embroidery queen (follow her on IG @lewpinestitching).

Not to mention we both love Yoga with Adrienne and plants. Needless to say, I could not WAIT to meet them.

Now, Andy, Andy is awesome. He loves her so unapologetically and it shows. Their connection with each other and nature is contagious and inspiring. Meeting him was the final little piece to the puzzle that told us we were going to become friends.

My favorite thing about Andy is that he admitted on the day of their elopement that he wasn’t sure why Lew hired us. He didn’t get the hype. When she showed him my Instagram feed, he was like, “okay, so you’re saying she’s going to take pictures with her iPhone and then post them on her feed? How else would she get them on her phone? What are we paying her for?” So you could say he was pretty shocked when Roman and I pulled out our big professional cameras and brought the house down on some amazing pics. He made sure we knew that he changed his mind within the first five minutes of their engagement session and all was well. I just think that’s so funny.

The Elopement

Their elopement could not have been a more beautiful, perfect day. The morning started at their cozy cabin with coffee and preparing their vows for later. Lew’s sister helped her get ready and we were off to hike. Once we reached the trailhead, I helped Lew get into her dress and Roman helped Andy. We had a first look and then set up for their ceremony.

After the ceremony, we took portraits and frolicked around in the wildflowers, popped champagne, and enjoyed Krispy Kreme donuts. We hiked down around 1pm and let the happy couple enjoy those just married feels!

I seriously could not think of a more perfect elopement for these two. They made it completely their own and took advantage of the freedom of it. It was the happiest day, and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat!

Enjoy these very special pictures from their very special day, and click here for a video recap.

May 28, 2021

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