Samantha & Carter: Cozy In-Home Engagement Session

I have known Sam since I was probably 8 or 9. Our families grew up together and her little sister Avery and I are the same age and really close friends. Honestly I’m happy Sam still likes me after spending lots of time with Avery sneaking around spying on her and her high school boyfriends at our parents command.

When I was in middle school and Sam was in cosmetology, she cut my hair at my house… and that was the beginning of lots of cuts and colors since then! I have never gone to someone else!

My first haircut from Sam! Look at how little!! (that was obvs not our beer LOL)

Now she’s engaged to Carter, dog mom to 2 sweet great danes, and starting her own salon from her house! I got to see her brand new salon and take some headshots for her newspaper article while I was there for their engagement session. If you’re in the Gloucester/Mathews area, keep your eye out for the launch of her salon! Sam has never given me a haircut/color that I didn’t love, and she is always excited for what inspiration I bring to the table, even if it’s purple color!!

Now that we’re older, I really identify with their simple down-to-earth lifestyle. Running a small business from home, taking care of huge dogs, and finding joy in the simple things… just a few things we have in common. 🙂

So when Sam & Carter’s excitement for their engagement session started to grow, you can imagine my excitement to start planning! I immediately suggested an in-home shoot for them, because (well for one, their home is gorgeous!!) but also because I know that’s where they feel the most themselves. She told me when we were done that it was perfect because it was so them to just hang out, drink a little, and be silly together. Nothing crazy! No overthinking outfits!

Since we were doing something so casual for the majority of the session, we wanted to get some formal images in there, so we planned to put her in a flowy dress and take a few down at the beach… let’s just say the cold got the best of us!! The beach portion of the session lasted about five minutes and was the quickest, silliest direction I’ve ever given. Complete with crocs and a little tumble at the end.. sorry guys

I love these two together and you’ll notice in the pictures how happy they make each other.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do… more cozy in-home sessions pleeeassee!!

February 10, 2020

  1. S Jean Pierce says:


  2. S Jean Pierce says:


  3. Grandma❤️ says:

    Love these two and we are so happy for them❤️

  4. Grandma❤️ says:

    Love these two and we are so happy for them❤️

  5. Teena E says:

    Always beautiful images! And a beautiful couple!

  6. Teena E says:

    Always beautiful images! And a beautiful couple!

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