Planning Our Adventure Elopement Pt 4: One Month To Go

Adventure Elopement Photographer

Before I talk about how our adventure elopement planning is going, let’s begin with the obvious: our country is currently in the midst of a global pandemic and every day feels more and more like a weird dream. Last week everything seemed very normal and this week feels really eerie. I know that it feels this way for our own safety (i.e. businesses closing, events getting cancelled, schools switching to online courses), and that is the one thing keeping my anxiety from getting the best of me. I know that we are all doing everything that we can to stop the spread of this icky virus before it turns into something really scary, and for that, I have a little peace of mind.

It wasn’t until this morning that I realized this could have more of an effect on me than I had anticipated. Roman and I are 22 and 23, and both really healthy and fairly active individuals. Us getting sick is the last of my concerns- first and foremost, I want to prevent spread to anyone who is immune-compromised. But today, another very real concern of job security became reality. Couples who have booked me for their Spring weddings have begun to cancel them, and I really hadn’t considered that, even for our own elopement plans.

We are still planning to have our adventure elopement on April 15th with no changes at this moment. Our ceremony only involves 7 people including us, and everyone is still good to go, thank goodness! I really can’t imagine after all of this planning, and all of this waiting, having to postpone our elopement. I feel for all of you couples who are facing this decision right now, and it’s another huge reason to be thankful I get to go through this journey alongside my brides and grooms!

So we officially hit the one month mark yesterday! We also finally bought Roman’s suit (H&M pulled through with the hookup guys!! Anyone looking for an inexpensive & trendy suit option?!) AND his wedding band. We ended up buying two different band styles so he can decide what he’s feeling on the day of. We also saved a ton of money here by ordering them off of Amazon. Actually, to be honest, we bought my wedding band online too… for $34. That’s right. We used a small company called Starlette Galleria that makes beautiful jewelry using manmade diamonds. These diamonds are indistinguishable from the real deal, and you’re supporting a small business when purchasing from them!

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share that info because I was a little embarrassed. But honestly, I think it deserves to be shared! This idea that you need to drop thousands of dollars on wedding rings has always baffled me. I made sure Roman knew the cost of my ring was not something that would ever matter to me. My ring combination is absolutely beautiful and we didn’t have to take out a loan to have it. 

I think that’s a huge reason we’re doing this adventure elopement thing anyway- to save money on the materialistic details of a wedding and put that money towards experiences instead. So far, I have no regrets doing so and I cannot wait to marry the love of my life… quarantine style. Get it? 

I think you’re all up to speed now. Life is crazy and scary and everything seems a little off right now. But take this time with your family to make some unforgettable memories while you’re cooped up together. Have a game night, make some dinner, do a puzzle, etc. We’ll be looking back on the other end of this with so much knowledge on how to handle this type of situation in the future. We’re all in this together. Always choose to see the bright side of the road. And if anyone needs a listening ear, I’m just an Instagram or Facebook message away! Thanks for following along on our adventure elopement journey, my blog posts in general, and everything in between!

March 16, 2020

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