Sunset Beach Session at Hughlett Point


I’m a sucker for a sunset on the beach, ESPECIALLY when I get to enjoy it with repeat clients! It has been two years since their gorgeous wedding at Lakeside at Welch Estate, and it was so nice catching up with quite possibly the most photogenic couple ever. They are always down for any crazy ideas I have for them, and it always ends up completely magical. To be honest, I actually don’t like the beach for leisure. You know, sand, hot sun, smelly fish water… Clearly I’m more of a cuddle-up-by-the-fire-hot-tea kinda girl. But I’ll admit that when the sun goes down and the crowds are gone, the beach can be one of my favorite places.

One of the greatest features of this beach in particular is the grasses. Tall grass is a photographer’s dream (or at least THIS photographer’s dream). Hughlett Point has the perfect little pockets of soft sand surrounded by walls of gorgeous green grass. Sometimes you have to trust the extra couple steps to get to the perfect spot. The distance from the entrance to the spot in these pictures was probably about half a mile. I just kept trusting that the perfect spot would appear and it totally did. The lesson here is to arrive a smidge early to your session. It’s SO important to catch up with your clients and scout for the perfect location first. It’s not always right in front of your eyes!

We ended the night by jumping in the water and getting a little steamyyyy. I mean, it’s just a missed opportunity to have a beach session and NOT get in the water. Lesson here is to get in the water. You won’t melt, I promise! I would make sure you prepare with towels and a change of clothes. But even if you didn’t, the damp car ride home is still worth it. The water pictures are definitely my favorite images of this session, and some of my favorites of all time. There’s something so refreshing about sessions rather than weddings, because you have the freedom to get a little wild and create something truly special. That’s why I love elopements- the best of both worlds! But that’s a whoooole ‘nother blog post.

Enjoy my favorites from this perfect beach session of my sweet friends, Summer & Eli.

July 28, 2021

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