golden hour yorktown engagement session

If you know me or my work at all, you know that I love tall grass & golden hour!! I also love blue mountains, but considering they are minimum three hours away from me, it’s not always a possibility. Luckily I’ve coined Yorktown as a favorite portrait location for having at least two of those things, and exchanging the mountains for a quiet beach will have to do! Abbie & Michael were so trusting of me that they drove from Northern Virginia for their session. About 3 hours away, just to meet me in my hometown for their photos. They wanted that tall grass, boho vibe and I just KNEW that Yorktown would deliver. It did. Thank goodness- because they drove a total of six hours for me that day.

As i’m sure you’ve already noticed, they also brought their golden retriever along with them. Roman spent the entire second half of their session running with him in the fields. We would be shooting and look over off in the distance at them having the time of their lives. If you want to bring your dog to your session, don’t worry- Roman is apparently a dog watching expert, and will not only hold the leash, but also get their energy out!

Abbie & Michael’s wedding is on New Years Eve of this year and I just KNOW it’s going to be such a party! They are such a fun and laid back couple, so I can only imagine their friends and family are also going to rock. I am biased because I love my couples- but like… they really are all just so awesome. You guys know who you areeee!!!!

I hope you enjoy one of my favorite galleries of 2021! Praise golden hour glow, tall grass, cute puppies, and of course, amazing company!

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