Kristen & Brad- Gloucester Engagement Session

Last weekend, Kristen and Brad faced the cold and wind for their engagement session at Beaver Dam! Fall is my favorite time to shoot at a wooded location, and I was a little worried that the colors would have been gone by now, but they weren’t! The colors in the trees for their session were perfect, and the overcast day made these images come out so moody, I just love them!

Kristen is an elementary school teacher and Brad works at the shipyard (just like my Roman), but no, he and Roman don’t know each other. It’s funny because people always ask me if Roman knows so & so, but the shipyard is like an actual city so his answer has always been no! I’m just waiting for the day I ask him and he finally knows someone. But still I felt like we had something in common from the beginning, since both of our men work at the same place. Plus they informed me that they come to Beaver Dam Park like every weekend when the weather is nice, and that’s something Roman and I really enjoy too!

The very first thing I noticed about them is that Brad really knows how to make Kristen giggle, and her giggle is so freakin adorable! You can totally tell in some of the pics!

Just wanted to send out a big thank you to Brad for letting me book them opening weekend- I know he would have probably enjoyed being out in the woods hunting over getting his pictures taken in the woods. But he was such a great sport and did all the weird things I asked of them!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session- I am so excited to photograph their wedding!

November 25, 2019

  1. Joanna Alderman-Klein says:

    Love the pictures! You captured them at there best!

  2. Joanna Alderman-Klein says:

    Love the pictures! You captured them at there best!

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