Megan & Nick- Shenandoah National Park Engagement Session

Last week was a busy but absolutely amazing week. Not only was Thanksgiving on Thursday, but I had the absolute pleasure of photographing not *one* but *TWO* engagement sessions in one of my favorite places ever- Shenandoah National Park. Don’t worry, both couples are going to get their spotlight, but this week is all about Megan, Nick, and their pup Huey! Just LOOOOOK at that sweet lil doodle!

These two contacted me a little over a month ago for their wedding and engagement portraits, and it was meant to be for so many reasons. But they wanted their engagement session in the same spot AND the day before another couple of mine, Lauren & Preston. I was able to make a little vacation out of it with my girlfriend Ryleigh (who was the best assistant). So I did Megan & Nick’s session Tuesday night, stayed at a hotel with Ryleigh, ordered takeout and watched Elf, and then did L&P’s session first thing in the morning on Wednesday. That’s how it’s done, amirit?!

The entire day on the way to Shenandoah the weather stayed at a gorgeous 65 degrees. It got a little chillier (and quite a bit windier) on the mountain top, but all in all we were soooo lucky to have such a gorgeous day.

We met at Little Stony Man; an easy, 20 minute hike that yields such breathtaking views and so many great opportunities for portraits. Technically dogs aren’t allowed on the trail, but we didn’t realize that, so don’t bring your dog just because Jamie Dunn Photography did it!! We were’t supposed to!

Megan & Nick were so kind to us and so easy to talk to that it felt like we had all met before. They were so down-to-earth, positive, and willing to do whatever I asked of them! Ryleigh and I absolutely loved spending the afternoon with them (and Huey, of course) in such a gorgeous spot!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session! Can’t wait to celebrate them next year!

Tune in next week for Lauren & Preston’s session- same location but BOY was it wildly different!

December 2, 2019

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