saying no leads to more opportunity

Hi friends!! I’m sure the title of this one might be throwing some of you off- but don’t worry, we’re not about negativity in this house. While saying “no” to potential clients or gigs might seem like a copout, it also might just be EXACTLY what you need. But because I want to accommodate everyone, and disappoint no one… no is a difficult concept for me to grasp. 2022, though… this is my year. I want more opportunity to do the things I love- and so my theme, or, resolution if you will? SAY “NO” MORE OFTEN

When we first start a business it can be really scary. Those first few inquires that come in, regardless of what they are, we’re taking them, right? The end game might be weddings, but hey, this car club wants me to photograph their cars?! UHHHH, YES! This lawyer wants headshots? YES! YOU GOT IT! Exposure is good, right?! YES! I am totally with you there. In the beginning, any experience is good experience. Put yourself out there, do anything that comes your way- because hey, maybe you thought you wanted one thing, but you find out that you really enjoy something else. That is your season of opportunity from all directions. Your season of experimentation. That’s your season of “yes”. 

But maybe in that season, you’re saying “no” to something else that the world says you should be saying “yes” to. Maybe you’re saying “no” to that college acceptance letter. Maybe it disappoints mom and dad- but you know you better than anyone else does. In fact, there’s no maybe about it. 

If you say yes to every single opportunity that comes your way, you’re really saying no to all of it. Read that again!! 

I know it’s tempting to want to achieve so many things in life. But you’re just one person. And while it might be kind of cool to do it all- would you rather do it all and do it poorly? Or do what you love, and be the freaking best at it? You know, the one that everyone’s talking about. The *buzz* of the town. 

And even when we’re in the thick of it and doing what we love, our souls still need space to rest. This is where “no” gets even harder. Because you do have to start saying “no” to the things that you love, because too much of a good thing leads you to burn out. Burn out leads to resentment, and resenting the thing you were once passionate about is depressing as heck. 

This is where I’ve gone wrong lately. I mastered saying “no” to my unideal client, but now I have my ideal client inquiring for a date I’ve intentionally blocked off in my calendar as a rest day. Last year I would have deleted that rest day and given myself a triple header weekend. I should have said no *cue the T Swift*. But I said yes to exhaustion, burnout, and a mediocre experience for all of the clients I booked in that timeframe. Now I’ve sacrificed quality for quantity. 

So this year, put those rest days in your calendar, and DON’T TOUCH THEM!! 

Go with your gut and follow your dreams- which might mean saying “no” to a one of a kind opportunity, and it might mean that nobody will understand.

But no one needs to understand. You need to clear the path and push forward. And in 5 years they’ll be asking how you did it. 

What are you saying “no” to this year?

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