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Brevite camera bag

Hi friends! A couple of years ago I wrote this post, but since then, a LOT has changed. Now that I’ve got a new website (EEP!) & offer more educational resources, I figured now would be a great time to update this bad boy! So without further ado- what the heck is in this wedding photographer’s camera bag?!

Camera Bodies

Canon R6

What is in my camera bag

I just upgraded to the R6 as my main camera body!! I haven’t used it at a full wedding yet, but I have done some portrait sessions and it is so fun to use. I find that I take a lot less images with the R6 because of how quickly it focuses and how sharp it is. Since it’s mirrorless, I’m able to switch from looking in the viewfinder to the screen without having to press anything, which is super fun- and the viewfinder shows you in real time what the image will look like. SO COOL.

Canon 6D Mark 2

What is in my camera bag

I have two 6D Mark 2’s, and this camera will always hold a special place in my heart! It is so affordable for a professional grade camera, and it does everything I need it to do. Like the R6, it’s touch screen and the screen comes out and flips around for those weird angle shots. I’d recommend this body to any beginner wanting to make the jump to full frame.


Canon 35 1.4

What is in my camera bag

My favorite lens. It’s great for portraits, ceremonies, landscape- it really does it all! And it’s still sharp when shooting at 1.4, which creates the most beautiful glow. I also have the Sigma version of this lens, but I don’t love it quite as much as this one- it’s not as fast or sharp in my opinion.

Canon 50 1.4

What is in my camera bag

The nifty fifty, of course. 🙂 I like to pull this one out when I am getting close enough to my couple that the 35 starts to warp their bodies, and I want a nice, bokeh-y, classic portrait. This is a great upgrade from Canon’s 50 1.8, and while it’s not as good as their 1.2, it is a fraction of the cost and works well for what I need it to do on weddings days.

Canon 85 1.8

What is in my camera bag

I don’t often pull out my 85, but since I don’t use zoom lenses, it’s really helpful for closeups during the ceremony or sneaky candid shots of guests during cocktail hour & reception!


Canon Speedlite 600EX

What is in my camera bag

I have three speedlite 600’s- if you’re getting into wedding photography, I’d save your money on the cheaper models and get at least one of these, ideally two. I know they’re pricey, but they’re the only Canon model with the ability to connect and talk to each other so they can fire off-camera. That’s how I get those artistic back & side-lit reception shots that really elevates my wedding galleries.

Batteries & Chargers

What is in my camera bag

I only use Canon batteries & chargers! This hasn’t changed at all besides the fact that I have more. For a typical wedding day shooting on two cameras all day, I like to have a total of 6 batteries. I usually change by battery right after the ceremony to ensure it doesn’t die before anything important.


What is in my camera bag
Brevite Jumper Bag

I recently updated my camera bag, and it has been a total game changer!! For local weddings, I use Brevite’s Jumper bag and it is wonderful (click here for $10 off!). They come in lots of different colors and they fit SO MUCH STUFF. The layout is much more convenient than my last bag as well. It’s also waterproof- which I got to experience first hand when I put my bag down behind the DJ booth at a tented wedding a few months ago. It started POURING, and a puddle started to build at the edges of the tent. I found my bag submerged about 2 inches in a mud puddle. Everything inside was completely dry, and it cleaned off super easily, thank God!

What is in my camera bag
Think Tank Airport Advantage Bag

For destination weddings, I recently purchased a Think Tank! It is one of their smaller airport roller bags, and it’s made to be used as a carry-on. Again- fits SO. MUCH. STUFF. The quality is amazing, and the fact that it’s on wheels makes it super convenient.

Additional Items

Memory Cards

I haven’t changed my stance on cards either! I have at least 20 Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB cards. My ride or die. They are so fast which is hella important for weddings. I always have two cards cases on hand so my empty cards go in one, and used ones go in the other. Gotta stay organized!

Macro Lens Adapter

This isn’t totally necessary, but I do love using it for ring shots. That’s literally all I use it for. Sometimes I don’t even pull it out- but it is a MUCH cheaper alternative to a macro lens. The adapter just screws on to my 50. Granted, it’s definitely not the real deal- but it’ll do! Maybe one day I’ll add a macro lens to my collection… but it’s so hard to commit when I use it for only one shot on the wedding day. We’ll see!

Emergency kit

It is so nice to have a little wedding day emergency kit in your camera bag! I have items like safety pins, tums, tiny scissors, hand sanitizer, granola bars, and double sided tape. You’d be surprised how often every one of these items comes in handy!

That’s about it! Of course I bring way more to a wedding day than just my camera bag… but that’s for another blog post. I hope this helps and finds you well- cheers, friend!

January 21, 2022

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