getting ghosted heres why

Let me paint you a picture.

You get a dream inquiry to your inbox, so you do all the things: you respond within hours, your email is professional and easy to understand, your pricing guide is beautiful, and you include some images to show what you’re all about. So why are you still getting ghosted? You’re within budget, and they seemed super interested when they inquired. So what gives?!?

Maybe… you’re getting lost in the crowd.

Chances are, you’re not doing anything wrong. In fact, what you sent over is probably really impressive. They probably loved your work and your prices may have aligned with what they were looking for. But it was lacking something. It was lacking that spice. And when they sent inquiries to five amazing photographers, all with beautiful work, be honest with yourself. Do you think you’re the most memorable based on that first email?

Ouch. I know- this is tough love. But hear me out.

Okay, let me back up a little. So you keep getting ghosted (thanks for bringing it up again) and we’ve ALL been there. The problem is figuring out the weak point in your response. So if you’re doing all of the “technical” things… let’s put ourselves in our clients shoes.

Does my client want to book someone who feels like a business woman, or a friend?

Does my client need someone to stand back and let the day unfold without any guidance, or someone to be their hype girl and cheerleader?

Does my client want to feel stiff and posed during photos, or do they want to have a BLAST?

Now pretend you’re that client, and just reached out to you. Do you get that impression from the first email? My guess is probably not. Boom, ghosted. (Any Office watchers here??)

Photography is an intimate experience.

Photographers are artists- not uptight CEO’s on the top floor of an office building. So don’t pretend like that’s who you are to overcome the fear of feeling “unprofessional”. In fact, the clients that book me based on my personality that I choose to plaster all over my website and in my emails are the clients that I have the MOST fun with. They trust that I’m an artist, and while I’m a little bit crazy, they know that it’s what makes me (and my work) shine.

And don’t get me wrong- my personality scares some people away.

getting ghosted heres why

I mean, just check out my About page. You’re either going to hate me or love me.

But before I even get the chance to get ghosted, they decide not to inquire. And that’s fine! In fact, I prefer it that way. Because truly, I’m not for everybody, and neither are you. The more personality you can showcase on your website, socials, and emails, the better fit your clients will be, and the less you will get ghosted. And I’m talking real personality. Not “I picked up a camera when I was five and since then I’ve fallen in love with capturing memories” NO. I’m talking, “HEY SISSSS, I’m SO glad you’re here!!!” energy (if that’s the energy you give off).

I’d remember that a heck of a lot more than “Hi, Jane! Thank you so much for inquiring and congratulations on your engagement. My packages are bel-” in fact I couldn’t even finish typing that because it’s so boring. You get the gist.

So if your dream client inquires with you and you NEED them to book- give it a try. Step out of that old-fashioned-professional-comfort-zone. Show them the human behind the camera and tell them what makes you tick. Let them know how badass the experience with you is, and show them with raving client reviews and photos that look like a party they CAN’T miss out on. I’ve had clients DOUBLE their budget to work with me because of simply that.

I’m cheering you on, friend! Go get that dream client!

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