Life Update: April is Freaking Busy

april wedding anniversary
Photo by Rilee Jackson Visuals

Hi friends, I’m BACKKKK with a little life update for ya. Spring is always a crazy busy month in this family. In April and May alone, our family celebrates my birthday, Roman’s birthday, our anniversary, my grandparents anniversary, my mom’s birthday, my step-dad’s birthday, and their anniversary. Plus throw in Mother’s Day and probably something else, but that’s enough to want to sleep the entire month of June. Roman wants us to plan our babies birthday’s to fall in April, I guess because he loves to be miserable. 

But even being so jam-packed, April is always my favorite month of the year. There’s something about the change in seasons that makes me feel so relaxed. I love the rain, the lush green, the flowers, the smells, the bees. And I love that I get to celebrate so many special people all at once. 

The Anniversary Party

The most notable thing that happened is our anniversary party. I was at the brewery with Roman, Avery, & Rilee when we got the idea of a cabin weekend with a small group of friends, and we all happened to be available the weekend of Roman & I’s second wedding anniversary. Roman and I never had a reception due to you-know-what, so we immediately got to planning something really small but really special to finally celebrate our marriage. We kept it down to 15 people and with a few Dollar Tree dishes, a cake and catered dinner, we made it happen! It was perfect.

Wedding Season

I immediately sprinted into wedding season (honestly, these few months have been a triathlon) with a triple header weekend. I got to shoot at two new-to-me venues and I even got a Dundie award for best photographer! My second Dundie (first being ‘best bride’, given to me at my Office themed Bachelorette party by the one and only Rilee Jackson)!! 


Throughout all of this, we’re still adjusting to life with a new little (big) addition. We adopted Caesar in March. We had been on the hunt for a friend for Stella since Bandit passed in September, but we wanted to wait to give her time to grieve. About the time she was finally back to her normal self, Caesar needed a loving home with someone who could give him LOTS of attention. I mean, he is a LOT. Given the fact that he and Stella enjoy daily zoomies and wrestling matches, I think he fits in just perfectly. But he’s only a little over one, and boy does he act like it. 

We still enjoy our chickens and I’m officially that crazy chicken lady. I’ve started to sit in the coop with mealworms in my lap so the chickens will come and sit on me and let me pet them. The chicken life isn’t the life for everyone, but it’s the life for me. 

Besides of course the little events, sunsets, and happy moments that I’ll include in the photos below, that is about it my friends! I hope you enjoyed this little catch up of the last few months and I hope you keep following along for hopefully more personal posts in the future. But even if I only continue to post this for my grandma and her sisters, I’m okay with that. 

June 9, 2022

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