A Modern & Energetic Summer Wedding in Portsmouth, Virginia

So there’s this sweet little venue in Portsmouth nestled in a quiet neighborhood that I had never heard of until this year. This year, though, I had two weddings here at The Woman’s Club of Portsmouth. It’s gorgeous just upon arrival, but when you step inside, it opens up to this beautiful, naturally lit, elegant event space. The perfect setting for Michelle & Jackson’s wedding day.

Michelle & Jackson were one of the few couples on my schedule that I didn’t get to meet prior to their wedding. They live quite literally on the opposite site of the country as me, but all of their family was here in Virginia, so I got lucky! However, normally when I arrive to a wedding I know at least the couple. I was EXTRA nervous for this one because I didn’t even know what they looked like. We’d only spoken on the phone!

I don’t know how I get the most gorgeous couples, but these two (and their bridal party) were no exception. Plus, every detail had been carefully planned & executed beautifully. They had a very specific vision for their day & wanted their photos to reflect that- modern, elegant, editorial, candid. Michelle asked specifically for some fun flash shots during their reception. They definitely had the upbeat crowd that made for some FUUUNNN direct flash & moody slow-shutter motion blur shots. I was SO down for that. Motion blur and direct flash are two new concepts I’ve been playing with this year, and it has boosted my creativity so much. It’s so nice because I feel like lately the trends are leaning towards less rules, more art, and I’m here for it.

Michelle & Jackson let me get creative on their wedding day. I really felt like this gallery not only expresses that, but also the precious love they share for each other and the absolute blast of a party they threw for their friends and family. From start to finish, it was a perfect day!

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